KOS TRANSPORTI provides shipping services for all kind of goods, from one pallet to those which require several large vehicles on the same day in the same location.

KOS TRANSPORTI can organize the transport of goods all over the European market, and for orders placed 48 hours prior to loading, we guarantee loading of the required vehicle anywhere in Europe.

Our efficient and professional logistics team is always there to meet our Customer needs and requirements, and organize the fastest and the most cost-effective transport of goods.

We  can provide the transport of goods:

  •  From one pallet to large part loads
  •  volume goods
  •  ADR - specialized regime for transporting goods such as chemicals, flammable and other sensitive cargo
  •  refrigerated goods
  •  Heavy haulage
  •  textile products in van

Countries that we operate are :Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia

100 % of our drivers satisfy the DIRECTIVE 2003/59 OF THE EUROPEAN COMISSION and have qualification license (Code 95 in the driving license)


Navigation and tracking

To respond to our Customer needs based on years of experience we adopted the method of a good communication and we have equipped all of our vehicles with modern satellite tracking and navigations systems. These advanced systems enable us to send instructions on loading and unloading to drivers and to follow up all of our Customer shipments at any given moment.


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